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Have a Swoon-Worthy Date at Te Amo, Khel Gaon Marg

Situated on the ground floor of Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg Te Amo is the place to keep the sparks flying with your date specially after staying at home for almost a year. The cozy nooks, glammed-up interiors and at night the outdoor sitting twinkles away delightfully. Ofcourse it is a place to have good time with family and friends but specially to impress a date this place is a humdinger. Grand art in the interiors and exteriors draped in plants and flowers, it shrieks romance.

The menu here is right combination of known and experimental food with exquisite taste. Start with cocktails specially the Te Amo home made cocktails before starting the drool worthy food.
The food here uses new flavours and few dishes try to standout like no other. Must order dishes are Baked Potatoes, Kafir Lime Chilli Chicken, Chilli Fish, Tex Mex Cigar, Calzone and Pizza, Bunny Chow Lamb.
The real showstopper is an intriguing Bunny Chow dish which is actually a South African fast food which consists of a curry in a hollowed out bread loaf. In this case it is filled with an Indian style curry making it a spectacular fusion.
Almost all the dishes takes your fancy and the culinary skills are well displayed. The food is very modernized but retains odes to their own taste. 

Now if you are left with room for dessert and a passion for ice-cream then Fried Ice cream shouldn’t be bypassed. It has a perfect crispy crunch and our love for ice cream goes to a next level.

Te Amo Ansal Plaza Khel Gaon Marg Delhi Fried Icecream

The selection of food in the menu, the interiors, the exteriors, the whole experience overall works beautifully and result in an experience that makes for a spoiling culinary romantic treat. Service here is absolutely impeccable with dishes arriving almost instantly. It is very warm and inviting too.
Good for: Lively atmosphere.
Price: Moderate and great value for money. 

Te Amo Ansal Plaza Khel Gaon Marg Delhi

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