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Little Ms Death

As we all embrace the quote by a Greek philosopher – Heraclitus that Change is the only Constant, we start flowing with everything in life. We start accepting things around us because we know they will not remain same for a long time. We are born, we live, and when the right time comes we die. This persuade us to accept the truth of change. Now death is a fascinating subject and most human beings are fearful of it, hoping to keep avoiding it, till it strikes them or their loved ones. This blog is about a book “Little Ms Death” i read recently by Anuradha Iyer and Satish Purohit .

“Little Ms Death” book is refreshingly different. The authors have made a sincere attempt to make Death as endearing, liberating, comforting, exciting and adorable as possible. Death is personified as a nine year old, innocent, little girl who comes to meet the protagonist Anuradha, a few days before she meets her end. The fun part is that Anuradha and Mrityaa spend these days meeting all kinds of fascinating and mythical characters who guide them through their journey of meeting and counseling other souls who are near their ends and unable to make the transition smoothly. Each story is heart-warming and soul touching and brings about a happy ending for the troubled, departing souls and their near and dear ones. Anuradha uses her knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita and gets support from her revered Lord Krishna and her adorable husband Krishna. Anuradha and her husband have always wanted to embrace death together and merge with their beloved Lord Krishna and they get their wish.

The last chapter is a soothing guide for any person who has lost his or her loved one to death. It brings out that Death is not an ending but a new beginning for those souls who have some unfulfilled desires. For those who desire liberation, death is their doorway to merge with the Source. Understanding Death is the only way to cope with it. Embracing death fearlessly is the best way to face it. Coming to terms with your own mortality is the only way to live life 100%. Death is a certainty, live life completely by overcoming your fears, is the key message of the book.

The illustrations are beautiful and make the book come alive. The language is simple and easy for everyone to understand. The poems are endearing and the humor is delightful. It makes the mood light and breaks the seriousness of the subject. Once you start reading the book, you will not stop till you finish it.  

I am sharing the links to buy the book:
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