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Ethical Veganism – a progressive lifestyle

Ethical Veganism is a lifestyle choice that refrain use and consumption of all animal-based products in an effort to reduce the suffering and cruelty to animals at all practical costs. There are many distinct reasons why people prefer plant based diet and are looking away from animal products. From vegan dietary benefits to environmental benefits and, most importantly to the ethical vegan, reducing the suffering of animals. For a ethical vegan person the added advantages definitely go beyond their refusal to contribute to the suffering of animals, the choice to go vegan is not influenced by those added advantages.

For many world class athletes one major reason of turning to vegan is to achieve optimum fitness. Veganism has largely gained public importance in recent years in relation to diet alone. Unlike ethical vegan people, some people go vegan in order to reduce their weight, lower their cholesterol and to increase the power of their digestive system. The reason to turn ethical vegan is not dietary.

The same principle of ethical veganism also applies to those who choose veganism for the sake of clean environment. A big section of people decide to go vegan in order to reduce the carbon footprint that is left by consuming meat and dairy products. So according to them wanting to fight climate change(one of biggest human challenge) is a matter of ethics too.
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations states that emissions from livestock around the globe currently account for 14.5 per cent of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.  Many researchers claims that if a humans cuts meat and dairy products from their diet, carbon footprint is reduced to 73 per cent. The urge is to “maintain a safe climate and planet for the future of humanity”.


The goals of individuals to become vegan might be different but result of their actions is same, fewer animal-based products are purchased and less suffering is supported. Hence, it really doesnt matter what kind of vegan you are.

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