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Classic Business hotel- ibis, GURGAON

Hospitality is central to the restaurant business, yet it’s a hard idea to define precisely. Mostly, it involves being nice to people and making them feel welcome. You notice it when it’s there, and you particularly notice it when it isn’t. A single significant lapse in this area can be your dominant impression of an entire meal. But this place and the people who immaculately served out table well and made us feel on top of cloud nine, is what you will expect at this amazing place.
We are talking about Ibis, Golf Course Road – Gurugram. You walk in to this place and are welcomed with so much adoring gesture which not just lifted my sad mood on a hot day of delhi, but surely the surroundings and domain gushed us with the fact that its a professional place to be in with enviro speaking for itself here. Artifacts and innumerable things made up of perky household or a daily surrounding things were put up as a dressing for the restaurant, with kettles, cycles, spoon hangings and what not this place constituted off.

This place is not only for family gatherings but also where businesses happen, corporate world resides here the most. Colleagues and clients with their business partners come up here for idea initiations and talk about investments and close deals which are fulfilling, but with a taste of food which surely everyone craves for.

IBIS tries to create food with fusion and creativity and yet not touch their own old flavours.

Executive chef VIBHAV VERMA came to be the host of our visit and made us meet with the amazingly good experience here at IBIS.

Here not persons or people talk but the chef made meals do all the talking. With profusely made Feta salad, extravagant Thai Curry pasta took our tongues to a green chilly journey. The alluring aroma of the veg chunk potato rolls were also steamed to perfection.


You are not a Delhiite if you didn’t have their steamed chicken momos, oh boy oh boy they are just irresistible with perfect amount of filling and tasty outer.

Ever seen the pokemon- “Snorlax”, yes a Bao is what the smaller version of it looks like, they are just so soft and fluffy that you just won’t able to stop yourself to get your hands dirty with spiced up tofu inside dressed into indian spices.

Some smokey chicken would definitely won’t harm much as this murg mirchi korma was gushed with richness to its gravy and the flavour stuck up to its core, with the softest and tenderest chicken with immaculate hand work done by the chef.

Its a papad, its a naan, its a roti but no its a chur chur parantha captivating and speaking out loud its deliciousness paired with the famous daal makhani, the famous boondi ka raita and some pickled onions, these pranthas aren’t your regular home made tawa paranthas but a twist of winsome work done by some professional hands and their supervision.

To make our visit here more sweeter the chef got to our tables a set of 2 desserts, one seemed and ordinary roadside dessert but that oh my…was a blast of flavour in our mouths and those flavours, even the slightest crunch of those parle g biscuits were delightful.

I am surely not forgetting this one, because this ones a special dessert as this place is the only one where you will find it and the dessert was the rasmalai panna cotta, i have just one word for it as it has left me speechless, no words, no phrases, no sentences just “Delectable”. The milky jello and the rasmalai softness paired together made it a wonderful dessert.

It was like a journey to a wonderland with loads of bewitching food here but also engaging work done by the executive chef and the co members were at par.
ibis is specialized in their chutney’s and sauces which are made with an in house small farm, the in house grown herbs and veggies make the Indian sentiments more towards its economy, this carrying a trait of business hotel side by side.

Must try-

Chur-chur prantha and Murg mirchi korma.

Our set of Instagram pictures : https://www.instagram.com/p/BvuS5EtH7Fo/
Official Website of Hotel : https://www.accorhotels.com

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